terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

Letras de Músicas: Lover's Stress ( dedicada ao meu amigo Luís "Croks" Pereira )

Lover’s Stress

I was looking to the sky,
Figuring out a way to fly.
My dreams were so far away
In certain point I’d rather stay.

There was fire burning in my heart
Two days ago, my head was a mess
Maybe I’m dumb, maybe I’m smart
Oh baby, it’s lover’s stress


I can climb a mountain, swim through the sea
If the wind whispers your name
You’ll always be with me
Even though you’re far away, I can’t love you less
You keep playing with my heart
Oh yeah baby, it’s lover’s stress.

I don’t know you, you don’t know me
But your heart is the place where I wanna be
Give me a look, I’ll return as a kiss
You’ll smile to me, I’ll sleep in peace…


When you look everywhere, but just not to me
I feel like I’m trapped, come on set me free
I fell like I’m lost in the middle of the town
Fuck, it’s like I’m in a nervous breakdown


Escrito por : PedRodrigues
Composto por : Luís Croks
                                                                                                                       @ Inverno de 2006

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